I have been designing shirts and other clothing articles for years.  Here are some favorites.

Legacy Designs


Portland Unicycle Academy

I found this old patent drawing of a unicycle with training wheels, so I cleaned it up and drew it into a line art vector file so I could put it on the shirt.  I thought, living in Portland, that this would be a pretty great place for a Unicycle Academy, and here's their shirt.

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Magritte - Treachery of Images

My most popular shirt.  The image says in french, "This is not a pipe." This surrealist painting is not pipe, but in fact a painting of a pipe.  To quote Magritte:

 "The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it! And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it's just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture "This is a pipe", I'd have been lying!"

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Mustache You a Question

This one is fun.  I took a mudflap girl and put her on a mustache.  This shirt has been made available in Mens and Womens sizes in all colors, and is extremely popular at college campuses all over the country.

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Better Make it a Double series

Either way, it's time for a stiff drink.

These designs have both been very popular for a number of years.  Available in a raglan 3/4 length tee in both Mens and Womens, these designs feature some characters I found in an ad from the Oregonian from the late 1800's for an "Enlivening Elixir." The takeaway is that the guy on the left has not been rejuvenated by this miracle tonic, while the chap on the right has.   I co-opted these gentleman for these shirts and captioned both of them, "Better make it a double!"

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A quick note about Zazzle...

I am no fan of Zazzle.  They are expensive, and the royalties are ridiculous.  I make 10% on all of these shirts. So if you love a design and you buy it for $26, I get $2.60.  Zazzle then adds anothe $7 on top of that for shipping.  So you are paying $33+ for a shirt, and I get two and a half bucks.

These shirts should cost $15, not $30+.  I have found a lot of places I can get shirts printed in low volumes, but not any that have a storefront that allow me to sell them.  I may end up selling and shipping them myself.

If you know of an alternative to Zazzle, please let me know.


Banned by Zazzle.

Here are just a couple of designs that Zazzle has pulled over the years.  

Hipster Leica Shirt

This is a picture of a Leica that I took myself.  Then I tweaked the colors in Photoshop to make it look like an Andy Warhol style of image.  I guess Leica objected to me using their name, So I changed the design to say "Hipster Camera Shirt"  But they pulled it again saying they owned the right to the image. The image I took myself.

My Life is Dope and I do Dope Shit

Oh Kanye. Two days after I posted this shirt, I got an email from Zazzle that said:

This product contains a design with an image and/or text that is in violation of an individual’s rights of celebrity/publicity. 

Oh well.  If you want this shirt, email me and I'll hook you up.

latest shirt designs

DJ Serious on the beach

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DJ Serious up in flames

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National Sportsball Association

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