organic single origin coffees

Roasted to Perfection

About 2005 or so I started roasting single origin coffees in my wok in my kitchen.  I quickly outgrew this and purchased a small electric roaster.

In 2012 I made a major upgrade to a handbuilt 500 gram commercial drum roaster.  With this beautiful stainless steel machine, I can roast up to 4 lbs of coffee per hour, while logging time and temperature in my computer.

I generally only roast during the summer months, as it is a great activity to enjoy on the back patio on a warm day.

I primarily roast single origin estate coffees that feature fruity floral notes.  My favorite is a Tanzania Peaberry with a light roast. 

My Technivorm Moccamaster was made by hand in The Netherlands.  This brewer creates the best extraction possible by brewing at exactly 200 degrees faranheit.