Fresh Roasted Coffee

About 2005 or so I started roasting single origin coffees in my wok in my kitchen.  I quickly outgrew this and purchased a small electric roaster.

In 2012 I made a major upgrade to a handbuilt 500 gram commercial drum roaster.  With this beautiful stainless steel machine, I can roast up to 4 lbs of coffee per hour, while logging time and temperature in my computer.

Fresh Roasted Coffee 

Tee Shirts Galore.  I put my ideas in Ink.

I always have a ton of ideas.  Sometimes I put that idea into the computer and print the idea on a shirt.  If you like one of my shirts, you can buy it.  If you don't like my design you should defiantly tell me. 

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DJ Serious - DJ Not a Jukebox

I started DJing clear back in 1995, in High School.  About 10 years later, I decided to really go big into this hobby.  After thousands of hours of practice and dedication, I now would consider myself a competent DJ.  I occasionally will play out at parties, weddings and other events, however my main focus is on crafting special DJ sets.

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